• Customer profiling, segmentation and targeting
  • Insight and performance auditing, consolidation and gap analysis
  • KPIs and dashboarding
  • Data strategy development


  • Strategy development
  • Customer experience auditing
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Loyalty/CRM strategy
  • Proof of Concept design


  • Business case development
  • Governance model design
  • Training and education
  • Agency selection support
  • Digital transformation support

A relentless focus on performance

We achieve great results by balancing what works for the customer and what works for you. Creating a mutual value exchange is the key to sustainable success.


of organisations that lead in CX outperformed laggards on the US S&P index, increasing customer retention, purchase intent and advocacy


of marketers indicate an absence of an effective strategy is the most significant barrier to success with marketing automation


of UK customers feel more loyal to brands that show a deep understanding of their preferences and priorities


67% of consumers and 74% of business buyers say that they will pay more for a great experience

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We take a forensic and structured approach to learning about your customers, what makes them tick and what will engage them. We do the same for your results and stakeholders. Reach out and learn how we can cut through the clutter and be the CustomerKIND organisation you want to be.

Your customers are your business, treat them like people and not like data. And yet data is the secret to a lasting, meaningful and profitable relationship between you. Understanding and pleasing consumers in our digital world is both increasingly difficult and increasingly ripe with opportunity. Experiences, conversations and interactions on their terms and in their spaces are what matter. Customers matter – more than ever. 

Our services

We bring a rare blend of deep data expertise and modern marketing know-how to help clients embrace customer-centricity.

Customer insight & analytics​

We ask the right questions and distil the actionable insight that generates momentum for customer experience initiatives.​

Customer engagement strategy

Championing the customers perspective, we architect valued customer communications and experiences

Business impact​

Relentlessly focussed on major performance levers, we galvanise multi-disciplinary teams around sources of commercial advantage.​

Champions of customer-centric strategy rooted in deep customer insight. Catalysts for change in pursuit of commercial advantage